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The dominance of any of the chakras produces certain psychic effects and gives rise to certain qualities. Blocked or weak chakras also leave their mark on the mind and spirit.

The underlying causes of “blockages” and “weaknesses” are similar. Blockages prevent energy from flowing and in weak chakras, there’s not enough energy to ensure its circulation. The difference is important only insofar as blockages need to be removed, whereas weak chakras need to be infused with energy.

A “blockage” is more narrowly limited (even though it can be weakened of a well-developed chakra).

When we’ve got a “weak” chakra, it’s the chakra in its entirety.


A person’s not well grounded and on a psychological level, one encounters the problem of a basic lack of trust. Often they project their fear onto concrete things and develop phobic reactions to such things as spiders or dogs. Such people must turn their attention to the earth. They need to learn to develop trust in being, become aware of their own physicality and forge deepening connections to the natural world.


Blockages here disturb one’s connection with the world of the senses. Without a sense of joy, one can neither attend to nor fully respect the process of one’s own unfolding. People with poorly developed or blocked sacral chakras will feel themselves to be without the power or the motivation to set something new into motion. Also, they just can’t see how their efforts will be rewarded ~ from this stem depression and creative blocks. There’s also a problem with the loving acceptance of one’s own body.


A weak Solar Plexus will hinder the development of all the other chakras. People, in whom the 3rd chakra is weak, suffer all from lack of life energy. On the psychological level, such people are prey to feelings of insecurity. They also find it difficult to see things through to their conclusion. Serious weaknesses and blockages are always the first problem to be addressed when one begins chakra work. Solving these problems often results in a sudden burst of energy that spontaneously resolves problems in other chakras as well.


People with poorly developed or blocked heart chakras are faced with problems that have to do with loving relationships and the proper balance between giving-and-taking. They often complain of loneliness and feelings of isolation because they can’t easily open themselves to other people or share their thoughts and feelings. When the heart chakra needs more energy, the first thing you need to recognize is that you are not satisfying your emotional needs … then you can begin to work on the problem. It’s not enough to simply give rein to your emotions.


Most of the difficulties that accompany a weakly developed throat chakra have to do with interchanges between people. Those affected have a hard time expressing themselves. In extreme cases, this can manifest itself in speech defects/impediments. It can also cause problems in communication with oneself, that is, keeping a channel open to one’s unconscious. People who encounter these problems are well advised to turn their attention to music … even if they believe that they aren’t musical, they can benefit from music’s healing power which can help them to develop their powers of self-expression.


When blocked or weakened, the capacity for clear thought and insight is diminished. If your forehead chakra is weak or blocked, you should start to meditate right away. The powers of concentration must be gradually improved.


General discontent is a clear sign of problems in the crown chakra and one feels unhappy without knowing why. There’s a “blind-spot” in the awareness. Anyone whose crown chakra is weakened must learn the way to stillness. In the experience of conscious stillness, the highest chakra will open itself to the energy of the universe.